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Calypso Rose "Soca Diva"
Ju Ju Warrior; Pump Up The Bass; I Am Back;
Columbus; Bobble And Wine; Jamming In Jamaica;
Music For Dancing; Me No Want; You No Need Dem;
Miss Pam.
Duke "21st Century Man"
Wildness; Pitbull. All Ah Dis; Wake Up Kitchener;
Things Change Up; I Do Pray; Liquor License;
Memories Of 2000; Permission Please; All I Need
Is Your Love; 21st Century; Man In The Boat.
Eddy Grant "Born Tuff"
Dance Party; Next Time Around; Come Along To My
Place; Melody Of The Night; Born Tuff; Blood Money;
Village Life; Funny Little Groove; In L.A.; She’s
Standing At The Corner.
Eddy Grant "Can't Get Enough"
Do You Feel My Love; Time To Let Go; That Is Why;
I Love To Truck; Can’t Get Enough Of You; Give
YourselfTo Me; I Love You Yes, I Love You; Kill ‘em
With Kindness; California Style.
Eddy Grant "Going For Broke"
Romancing The Stone; Boys In The Street; Come
OnLet Me Love You; Till I Can’t Take Love No More;
Political Bassa-Bassa; Telepathy; Only Heaven
Knows; Ire Harry; Rock You Good; Blue Wave.
Eddy Grant "Hearts & Diamonds"
Ten Out Of Ten; Lover To Lover; How Come I’m
The Last To Know; Don’t Back Down; Sitting In
The Darkness; I’m Innocent; Hearts And Diamonds;
Belgrade; East Dry River; Queen Of My... More
Eddy Grant "Hit Collection"
Disc 1: Gimme Hope Jo’anna; I Don’t Wanna Dance; Electric Avenue; Can’t Get Enough Of You; Do You Feel My Love; Till I Can’t Take Love No More; Killer On The Rampage; Baby Come Back; ... More
Eddy Grant "Killer On The Rampage"

Electric Avenue; I Don’t Wanna Dance; It’s All In You;
War Party; Funky Rock ‘N’ Roll; Too Young To Fall;
Latin Love Affair; Another Revolutionary; Drop Baby
Drop; Killer On The Rampage.

Eddy Grant "Live At Notting Hill"
Say I Love You; Jamaican Child; Neighbour
Neighbour; Cockney Black; Curfew; My Turn To
Love You; Hello Africa (Rap); Hello Africa; Walking
On Sunshine; Living On The Frontline.
Eddy Grant "Love In Exile"

My Turn To Love You; Feel The Rhythm (Of
You And I); Use It Or Lose It; Nobody’s Got Time;
Preachin’ Genocide; Exiled (From The Love I
Know); Everybody Dance.

Eddy Grant "Message Man"

Curfew; It’s Our Time; Cockney Black; Jamaican
Child; Get Down Soweto; Hello Africa; Race Hate;
Neighbour Neighbour.

Eddy Grant "Paintings Of The Soul"

Paco & Ramone; Nkrumah; Welcome To La Tigre;
Kidada; The Youth Tom Tom; You Just Found My Weakness; Leadbelly; Eulogy For A Living Man; I
Walk Alone Tonight; Barefoot Soldier; ... More

Eddy Grant "Reparation" CD

Concern Number One; Everything Irie; Everybody
Rappin'; (Gotta Be) Positive; The Struggle; Reparation;
Ringbang Man; Tit For Tat; Long Night; Going Back
Deh; Love Weself; Free My Soul; Jesus Got A Face.

Eddy Grant "Soca Baptism"

Ra Ti Ray; Georgetown Girl; Umbayao; Soca
Baptist; Sugar Bum Bum; Tobago Gal; Gisela From
Panama; Miss Tourist; Ugly Woman; Ten To One
Is Murder; Jam Dem; Don’t Bother Me; ... More

Eddy Grant "The Greatest Hits"

Electric Avenue (Ringbang Remix) (Radio Edit);
IDon’t Wanna Dance; Killer On The Rampage; Can’t
Get Enough Of You; Living On The Frontline; Hello
Africa; Gimme Hope Jo’Anna; Another ... More

Eddy Grant "The Very Best of Eddy Grant... Road To Reparation"

Gimme Hope Jo'anna; I Don't Wanna Dance; Electric
Avenue; Walking On Sunshine; Living On The Frontline;
Do You Feel My Love; War Party; Till I Can't Take Love
No More; Boys In The Street; Baby ... More

Release Date: June 30, 2008
Eddy Grant "Walking On Sunshine"

Walking On Sunshine; Living On The Frontline;
Frontline Symphony; My Love, My Love; Just
Imagine I’m Loving You; Dancing In Guyana;
Say I Love You; We Are.

Eddy Grant Postage Stamps

(issued by the Guyana Post Office Corporation).

For more information click here.

Eddy Grant - DVD

"The Plaisance-Sparendaam Tribute to Eddy Grant"
DVD (all regions).

Gabby "'Til Now"

Boots; Hit It; Cadavers; The List; West Indian Politician; Emmerton; Gisela; Debra; Chicken And Ram; Pow Pow; Bridgetown; Boo Boo Man; Dr. Cassandra; Jack.

Gillo "Ban Fai"

Boise Bande; Ban Fai; Jook In De Party; Hold On A
Post; The Way You Wuk; Ringbang Bouyea; Ringbang
In My Head; Pumpee Oh; Zouk And Wine; Ban Fai
(remix); Ringbang Bouyea (remix).

Grynner "We Want More... The Best Of Grynner"

Mr. T; Gabby Controversy; Stinging Bees; We Want
More Grynner; Bajan Yankees; Rock With Me; All
O' Dem Gone; Leggo I Hand; Wait For Me; Get Out
De Way; Zook Me; Ah Coming.

Indra "Most Divine"

Kill Em Wid Kindness; Am I Dreaming; Woyaya;
John Doe; Fly; Love Me; Most Divine; We're One;
Neighbour Neighbourr; Hello Africa.

Indra "Ringbang 4 Kids"

Fiesta Caribe; Chickie-Bye; Live The Ringbang
Dream; Walking On Sunshine; We A’ De Ringbang
Kids: Rhymin’ Ringbang; Chock-Chock; Kids From
Africa; Live The Ringbang Dream.

Judy Bailey "Between You & Me"

Watershed; Just Don’t Keep Talking (‘Bout The Way It
Is); Do It Again; It’s Down To Love; More Love; Sunny
Day; Between You And Me; Wheel Of Change; Songs
Of Freedom; One Way; Sunny Day- T’Ank You Jah.

Lord Kitchener "Klassic Kitchener, Vol. 1"

When A Man Is Poor; Nora; Trouble In Arima; Tie
Tongue Mopsy; Cricket Champions; Old Lady Walk
A Mile And A Half; Chinese Never Had A VJ Day;
Steel Band Music; If You’re Brown; ... More

Lord Kitchener "Klassic Kitchener, Vol. 2 "

My Pussin; Flag Woman; One To Hang; PP99;
Panorama Night; Take You Meat Out Muh Rice; No
More Calypsong; Handy Man; No Melda; Love In
The Cemetery; Mama Dis Is Mas; ... More

Lord Kitchener "Klassic Kitchener, Vol. 3 "

Jericho; Pan In "A" Minor; Pan In Harmony; Fever;
Sugar Bum Bum; The Symptoms Of Carnival; The
Bees Melody; Gimme The Ting; The Spirit; Pan In
The 21st Century; Jaws; ... More

Lord Melody "Precious Melodies"

Crazy Love; London Town; Not Tonight; Rebecca
(Where You Mama); No; My Baby Is All Right;
Doolahin; Clay Vs Liston; Shirley (Starving); Old
Time Calypsoes; Radio ... More

Mighty Sparrow "Volume 1"

Jean and Dinah; Jack Palance; Robbery With V;
Don’t Go Joe; Our Model Nation; Dan Is The Man
(In The Van); Sparrow Come Back Home; Congo
Man; Federation; Calypso Twist; ... More

Mighty Sparrow "Volume 2 "

Wood In The Fire; Jane; Sparrow Dead; Calypso Boogaloo; Bongo; Oriental Touch; Pan Man; Sell
The Pussy; Lion And Donkey (rematch); Good
Citizen; Miss Mary; Same Time, Same Place; Rope.

Mighty Sparrow "Volume 3 "

Carnival Woman, Boogie Beat, King Kong,
Rastamania, Papa Rat, Life Down In Hell, Du Du
Yeml, New York Blackout, Miss Universe, Idi Amin,
Pan Tuner, Soca Man.

Mighty Sparrow "Volume 4 "

May May; Simpson (The Funeral Agency Man);
Sailor Man; Rose; Dear Sparrow; Man Like To
Feel; Steering Wheel; Jook For Jook; Trinidad
Carnival; Gunslingers; ... More

Mighty Sparrow & Lord Kitchener "16 Carnival Hits"

Jean And Dinah*; Pay As You Earn*; May May*;
Royal Jail*; The Road**; Mama Dis Is Mas**; My
Pussin**; Obeah Wedding*; Sixty Seven**; Miss
Tourist**; Sa Sa Yea*; ... More

Mighty Spoiler "Unspoilt"

Bedbug; Father Christmas; Twin Brother; Talking
Backwards; Fountain Of Youth; Lost Memories;
Woman Police; Money In The Bank; All Fools Day;
Funeral Undertaker; Magistrate ... More

Mighty Terror "Double Gold"

Party Time In America; Chinese Panorama; Tribute To Dwight Yorke; Double Gold ‘97; Reply To Big Belly Man; Bold Face Gul; Monastery Garden Soca; Back With The Pans; Miss Columbia; ... More

Mighty Terror "Pan Poetry"

Pan Talent; Millie And The Centipede; Sweet Trinidad;
Keep Calypso Clean; Steelband Jamboree; Home
Sweet Home; Callaloo; Monkey; Female Woodcutter;
My Suggestion; False Hair; ... More

Roaring Lion "Roaring Loud - Standing Proud"

Nora Darling; Dorothy Went To Bathe; The Lost Watch
(Tik, Tik, Tik); Netty, Netty; Ha’penny Rice; Mary Ann;
J’ouvert; Caroline; Land Of Calypso; Sally Water; I
Ain't Gonna Do It No More; Six Feet Of Earth.

Roaring Lion "Viva Le King"

Papa Chunks, Jail Dem; Shango; Woopsin Woopsin;
Man Centipede; Ugly Woman; Out De Fire; All Women
Are Beautiful; The Highway Code; Wash Your Hands;
Song Of Peace.

Various Artists "Carnival One"

Bacchanal Time (Superblue); Paul Yer Mudder
Come (Crazy); The More The Merrier (Mighty
Sparrow); Dus' In Dey Face (David Rudder); Netty
Netty (Roaring Lion); ... More

Various Artists "Carnival Two "

Jump Up And Wave (Preacher); Flag Party (Superblue); Tempo (Denyse Plummer); Ra-Ti-Ray (Eddy Grant); Four To One (United Sisters); Soca Have Meh Tu Tul Bey (Duke); Ju Ju Warrior .... More

Various Artists "Carnival Three"

Signal For Lara (Superblue); Dr. Cassandra (Gabby);
Kaka Lay Lay (Rude Girls); Carnival Is Woman
(Rukshun); Papa Chunks (Roaring Lion); Breakaway
(Traffik); Ringa Ringa ... More

Various Artists "Carnival Four"

Hold On To The Ball (Gabby); Rampage Superblue
(Superblue); Ringbang Music (Calypso Rose); Play
Yourself (Duke); Angelica (Roy Cape); Where
Limbo Gone (Black Stalin); ... More

Various Artists "Ringbang Rebel Dance"

Ringbang Pickiney (Cuffy Mix) (Square One); Devils
(D.J. Grandmaster); Low Low (Adisa); Pumpee Oh
(Gillo); Who Mek De Ringbang (Grynner); Jook In
De Party (Gillo); ... More

Various Artists "Ringbang Revolution"

Boise Bande (Gillo); Scandal Time (Duke); Party
Tonight (Calypso Rose); Ringbang Dance (Adisa);
Too Much Killings, To Much Sex (Harry Barnes and
the Classic Pauper); ... More

Various Artists "Saucy Calypso, Vol. 1"

Sell The Pussy (Mighty Sparrow); Mommy Come And
See (Duke); No Melda (Lord Kitchener); The Dentist
(Duke); Handy Man (Lord Kitchener); 60 Million
Frenchmen (Mighty Sparrow); ... More

Various Artists "Tatabu Reggae, Vol. 1"

Simmer Down (Althea feat Papa San); All Over Town
(Norris Cole); Hands Off A Me (Lady Conceicao); So
Fine (George Faith); Take Me Back (Jimmy London);
Time Of My Life ... More

Various Artists "Tatabu Reggae, Vol. 2 "

Sweet Little Girl (Kevin Isaacs); Boy Leave me
Be (Marie Mari); Don’t Let Me Push You (Sly Fox);
Sentiments (Vicki Nelson); Crisis (Brent Dowe);
I Love The Way (George Dekker); ... More

Ringbang Celebration 2000 VHS Video

(31st 1999 - 1st 2000 Shaw Park, Tobago)

Pan Night And Day (BWIA Steel Orchestra feat. Len ‘Boogie’ Sharpe); ... More

Commemoration Ringbang Celebration 2000 T-shirts
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